2013 Summer Reading Program
Programme de lecture 2013
2011 Summer Reading Program

Again this year we participated in the national TD Bank Summer Reading Club. The theme “Splash! Splouff!” sparked the imagination and interest of the children.

Participants received a Reading Kit, which included a Reading Log Book, a Book Bingo sheet, posters, stickers and bookmarks. Readers came in weekly, receiving a sticker for every book read. Stickers were placed on our giant mural located on the stage. Children also had the opportunity to Fish for a Prize once a week.

Participation in this program was fantastic! In St-Pierre, 101 children read 4,455 books, an average of 44 books per child. In St.Malo, 44 children participated. Congratulations to all!

A wind-up party was held in each library, with everyone receiving a small prize and a treat. 38 children and parents attended in St-Pierre and, in St-Malo, 54 children and parents attended.

Thank you to our summer students who, with their enthusiasm and support, ensured the great success of this program.

Reading Program

Every sticker represents 5 books read. 97 children read 3,170 books.

Story Time:

In St-Pierre-Jolys, Story Time is held weekly through the year, every Wednesday at 10:00 a.m. Children are treated to stories, rhymes and finger plays and a short film.

In St-Malo, Story Time is held weekly during July & August, every Thursday at 10 a.m.

Story Time

Story Time with Claudette Baldwin and Faith Desharnais