All residents of the Municipality of DeSalaberry and the Village of St-Pierre-Jolys are invited to become members of the library. You can simply come to the library with a piece of identification and fill out an application. We ask all members to advise us of any changes in their address and telephone number.

Non-residents are also welcome to use our services. An annual membership fee of $50 is charged.

We encourage parents to register their children under the age of 18 years as members of the library as we feel this teaches them skills necessary to manage a library account, a tool which will be useful to them later on in life. By doing so, parents accept responsibility for the reading and viewing selections made by their child and for any losses or damages incurred by the child towards any property or materials owned by the library.

Loan limits

The following loan durations apply, with a possibility of renewing to a maximum of two times: exceptions to this rule are if the article is new or if someone has reserved it. In these cases, loan limits will not be renewable and materials will be due at the end of the current loan period.

  • DVD’s – 1 week
  • Videocassettes – 1 week
  • CD’s – 2 weeks
  • Periodicals – 3 weeks
  • Books – 3 weeks
Late returns

The library does not impose fines at this time and wishes to continue with this system. The Jolys Regional Library relies on the good faith of its clients to respect the library’s property and to respect fellow patrons by returning all library property in due time.

The library encourages our patrons to take note of the loan limits and to always return their borrowed articles on time. It is possible to request extensions over the phone, preferably before the current loan period’s expiration date.

Inappropriate Web Sites

In the event that a patron looks or visits an inappropriate Web site that was accessed from any computers at the library, the following consequences will be in order:

  • 1st incident : inaccessibility to the computers for a period of three months;
  • 2nd incident : inaccessibility to the computers for a period of one year.

Gifts of books and other materials are welcomed by the Library, but with the understanding that they will not necessarily be added to the collection. The same standards of selection pertaining to the purchase of materials from library funds are also applicable to gifts. All books that are given and that are not put into circulation will be handed over to charitable organizations.

Cash donations are gratefully accepted. Since the Library is considered a charitable organization (registration number: 89254 0568 RR001), an official receipt for income tax purposes can be issued upon request.